Why double glazing is so crucial when it comes to glass selection

All of us understand the standard function of a window and why we think it is necessary to the style and functionality of our home– to let in the light and permit us to see our environments.

Have you ever considered glass that does more than those basic functions? Well that’s where double-glazed glass is available in.

So, first things first. What is double-glazed glass?

In other words, double-glazed glass (likewise known as Insulated Glass Units) consist of two or more panes of glass, separated by an air (or gas) filled cavity that is totally sealed -forming a transparent insulating barrier in between the interior of your area and the outdoors.

Once the glass is double glazed it supplies a myriad of advantages, that a basic single glazed window simply can’t take on.

Why double glazing is so important when it comes to glass choice

So just what are these advantages?

1/ Illuminate Your Space

Permits larger window areas, opening your home as much as more natural light and vaster views.

2/ Year-round Comfort

Double glazing offers exceptional insulation by limiting the transfer of hot or cold air through windows– making your home cooler in summertime and warmer in winter. This allows you to have expansive glazing whilst still accomplishing an energy efficient home.

3/ Reduce Outside Noise

The double glazing supplies enhanced acoustics, producing a smooth transmission of light through your windows while limiting the amount of external sound reaching within. No loud neighbor issues here!

4/ UV defence

The sun can glare down on double glazed glass and your products inside including your lounge will not fade, the glass uses UV defense versus the suns harsh rays! Incredible.

5/ Enhanced Security

Because there are not one however two layers, double glazed glass is developed tough. Due to its thick nature when subjected to require the glass will not crack or shatter easily like typical glass.

Who understood all this could be achieved by the humble window?

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