What to Look for when buying Double Glazing

For lots of families, setting up double glazing will imply smaller sized energy bills and a warmer house. 51% of individuals we surveyed who have double glazing said that they bought it to make their home warmer, and 44% to lower their energy expenses.

It’s a huge cost, so you desire to make the right choice for your house. Here, we describe some of the more technical aspects of double glazing. Make sure you’ve picked the best type of double glazing for your house.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase double glazing, we can assist you choose the best double glazing company for your house. We surveyed thousands of double glazing clients to expose what they truly think about their double glazing firm.

The leading scorer got an impressive consumer score of 84%, while the bottom just 54%.

Double glazing claims: how reliable is it?

Double glazing has numerous benefits over single glazing (where there’s simply one pane of glass and no air layer or gas):

Keeps warm air in, meaning your property is better insulated. This leads to less draughts and less expensive heating expenses.

Keeps sound out– you’ll hear less sound from outdoors with double glazing. Decreases the amount of condensation on the within your windows.

Heightens security-– double-glazed glass is more difficult to break than single glazing.

But its efficiency, and just how much you notice these benefits, will depend on what you’re changing and the quality of the item you buy. The most effective double glazing has gas in between the panes (such as argon), and uses low-emissivity glass (Low-E), which has a reflective metal oxide finish to help bounce sunshine back into a house.

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